Paroles de chefs d'entreprises

Alain Palacios - APB Consulting

Beaucoup opposent le Marketing au Commerce: François Vila associe une finesse d’analyse et une vision forte de son métier au service de l’entreprise tout en prenant en compte avec pragmatisme les besoins des équipes commerciales. Écoute, bienveillance et convictions résument bien selon moi la posture de François Vila.

Adeline Lescanne - Nutriset

Involved, dedicated, curious, loyal and smart, François has all the required skills to understand the complexities of any market, to integrate the culture of any company and to be sensitive about the subtilities of each customer. Moreover, François has a deep will to set up tools that will still be usefull after him and that he is always happy to transmit to another.

Sid Sidebotham - Proengin Inc

However with your calm and ability to reason and explain I came to realize that you were always working in our corner and learned to trust that you were always doing your very best to achieve the results we felt we needed. This calmness was contagious and certainly bettered our working relationship and benefited myself in my other working relationships. I came to realize the enormity of your task, which was essentially undertaken signe-handed. Yet with your dedication and accessibility (where ever you were in the world) you often gave us the feeling that you worked solely for us.